environmental wellness

Protecting our environment for future generations with eco-friendly products

You may not realise it, but the household products you use effect our environment from the moment the ingredients are grown, harvested, processed and manufactured, and continue long after the packaging has entered the local landfill.

Thankfully, through organic growing processes, environmentally friendly manufacturing, GE free, non-animal tested manufacturing, and bio-degradable and recyclable packaging, we can reduce that effect considerably.

At ZeroToxic, we promote education and awareness so that everyone can make the decision to not only protect their families, but their environment too. We’re leading the way in showing New Zealanders how they can make a difference; it’s as simple as choosing chemical-free, eco-friendly products for your home.

Join us in our vision to eliminate toxic chemicals from our NZ homes

We invite you to join the 10:20 Vision to “Eliminate toxic chemicals from 10% of New Zealand & Australian Households by 2020” by making the decision to use environmentally friendly products in your home and body care. Log in to find out how you can make the change to chemical-free products from ZeroToxic, or get in contact  with us for more information.