Our Vision

Promoting healthier homes with eco-friendly, safe products in New Zealand

ZeroToxic was inspired by the Vision 10:20, a cause which aims to eliminate harmful toxic chemicals from 10% of Australasian households by 2020. The vision was launched by business leader Alex Eason of Christchurch, New Zealand. He and his late wife Erica discovered a company that was able to supply natural products that are more effective and more affordable than supermarket brands, but are naturally based and safer to use. With the help of a number of friends and the support of an international manufacturing company, their vision is now becoming reality.

Aware of the effects toxic chemicals can have on health, ZeroToxic NZ founder Tony Glentworth joined the vision with the goal of protecting his family, friends, and many others. Now providing natural products throughout the country, he is dedicated to removing toxic chemicals from New Zealand homes, one family at a time.

Make a change in your home, and in our environment with safe, green products

You can join us in our vision by choosing eco-friendly, natural products in your home, so you can start enjoying personal, physical, environmental and financial wellness. Log in to make the change today, or get in touch to talk to one of our team (link to Our Team).