Our Team

Working together to promote chemical-free, eco homes in New Zealand

Each member of our team is passionate about providing chemical free, natural products to New Zealand homes so that the health and wellbeing of you and your children will be protected. Please get to know our team members by reading through each of their profiles.

Tony Glentworth

“I took my daughter to a business meeting with me recently – she is the best possible way to explain why I do what I do.”

Tony comes from a diverse background due to his wide range of interests and business pursuits. His biggest motivation and daily reminder of the importance of Vision 10:20 is his beautiful daughter Samantha, who is nearly 7. It gives him great satisfaction knowing that she is growing up safe from harmful chemicals and toxins. His wife Jane is always on hand to try out new products and enjoys recommending them to her friends – her knowledge as a qualified accountant also comes in handy for the business administration. Tony loves that running ZeroToxic allows him the flexibility to travel around the world with his passion for tennis umpiring.

Contact Tony: tony@zerotoxic.co.nz

Howard J A Marshall

“It means a lot knowing that when my grandchildren come to see us, our home is as chemical-free as we can make it and that they are safe from marauding germs and toxic chemicals in the air.”

After spending 20 years in sales, and 20 more as a pastor, Howard was looking for something that would enable him to work when he wanted to, while making a positive difference to people’s lives. Hearing about ZeroToxic, he knew it was something he would be passionate about. Now Howard and his wife work with ZeroToxic to encourage others to have safer, chemical-free homes, so they can live more healthy lives both physically and spiritually. Howard enjoys the freedom his role offers, and the rewards he gets from seeing others choosing healthier alternatives to regular home and bathroom products.

Contact Howard: howard@zerotoxic.co.nz

Michele Fantham

“It’s such a special product and ZeroToxic is a fab business because it makes you feel good in knowing that it’s keeping your children safe, and the planet safe. If you’re ready to change your life, then you won’t even think twice about using ZeroToxic products.”

After travelling between New Zealand and the UK and working in banking for the past 15 years, Michele settled in New Zealand with her husband Richard, and their daughters. When she discovered ZeroToxic, she jumped at the opportunity to work around her family commitments, while providing safe and chemical-free products for her children. Michele especially enjoys being able to meet new people, and the flexibility her role provides. During her work with ZeroToxic she has been pleased to hear that many other customers share her positive experiences with the product.

Contact Michele: michele@zerotoxic.co.nz

Lindsay Philps

“I find the products excellent and in conjunction with introducing an exercise programme, my life is a lot healthier than before I found ZeroToxic.”

Lindsay worked in sales and management in Australia before training as a landscape architect. It was during his training that he developed an interest in environmental issues and sustainability – and when he discovered the eco-friendly ZeroToxic products, Lindsay knew he wanted to share them with others. Lindsay says he likes that the range is made in a sustainable way, and more effective and affordable than products from the supermarket.

Contact Lindsay: lindsay@zerotoxic.co.nz

Peter Johnston

“I like that I get to meet new people, work with great people, and save money. The products are great, cheap and come with a money back guarantee.”

After working in the health food industry, Peter joined ZeroToxic three years ago. As a Tennis coach, Peter wanted to be involved in a business that worked for him financially, as well as allowing him to sell products he personally believed in. When he discovered ZeroToxic, he knew he had found a role that would fit perfectly with his lifestyle. He finds the sports products and supplements especially popular in his family, as well as the laundry and cleaning products.

Contact Peter: peter@zerotoxic.co.nz

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